Imagine the scene: you arrive at your new home and unpack your belongings only to find that your valuables have become damaged or chipped in transit. If you want to avoid this happening, you need to choose a moving service in Studio City with plenty of experience and contacts, a company that can provide excellent customer service at all times. Here at OneShotMove, we specialize in domestic and commercial relocations and have the experience and expertise you are looking for. Better yet, our services don't have the costly price tag of some other movers that you might find online.


We take care to ensure that your belongings stay safe at all times, right from the moment we visit your home or business. We use only the best equipment and materials to transport your belongings and gently load these onto our vehicles in a speedy manner without jeopardizing safety. Our previous customers and clients have loved the service we have provided. If you're looking for Studio City movers, our customizable, flexible packages can help you save money and provide you with everything you need as moving day gets closer. As soon as you contact us, we'll walk you through the moving procedure so you know exactly what to expect. The result? Peace of mind right from the start. We'll also give you a price list and the documentation you need when you contact us.


If you've got any feedback about our services, we'd love to hear from you. Just contact us on 424-382-5550 to get started. When you phone us, we can tell you about our labor-only service, which provides you with a fast moving service without any of the frills and extras. We can help load and unload your valuables from a truck quickly without any hassle.
Eroica R.'s Review Eroica R.
5 Stars

With ease, efficiency, kindness, intelligence, and authority, Ivan H. and Vlad moved me from one studio apartment to another, two miles away, today.


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